Hardwood Floor Repairs

The level of hardwood floor expertise can greatly affect the outcome of a hardwood floor repair. First of all, make sure you’re using the right type of hardwood floor. It requires a master level knowledge of wood species to make sure this happens. Of course no one wants their floor repaired with a different species of wood then the one that was used in the original hardwood flooring installation but you may be surprised at just how often that happens. The ideal hardwood floor repair is one that when the job is complete you can't even tell a that a repair was done at all.

Aside from using the right materials, another key factor in obtaining a pristine look after a hardwood floor refinishing is to complete the entire repair prior to sanding. This will ensure a smooth seamless look when you get to the finishing. A sign that the hardwood floor repair is done well is that there should be no movement or squeaking between the planks in the hardwood floor. In some cases this may require looking into the state of the subfloor and making repairs there if applicable. Water damage, termites, wall removals, and vent removals are some of the most common causes of hardwood floor damage.

The cause of damage may determine the approach you take in making your hardwood floor repair, because of this, each job will be different. When you look at all the contributing factors, no two repairs will ever be the same. That’s why our installers are knowledgeable craftsmen at the top of their field. Dawson Hardwood Floors is ready to get it done right the first time.

Dawson Hardwood Floors uses the best in old school and new school techniques to bring this craft to a whole new level. We are constantly improving and evolving into a better company.


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